PST3-H2 Star Tracker Orbital-work successfully on satelliteHS-1

原标题:PST3-H2 Star Tracker Orbital-work successfully on satelliteHS-1

Beijing time 23:59:32 on 25th DEC.2020,after successfully launched by Long March-8 rocket,the HS-1 satellite work well and sent back a lot of SAR images in last one weeksuch as cities, mountains,fields, rivers,lakes, and other typical landforms. Working for XiaMen University and other institutions in accordance with the needs of the Marine science research and remote sensing application,HS-1 is developed by SPACETY and the NO.38 China Electronics Science and Technology.

At 23:59:32 on December 25,the first imaging work of HS-1 Satellite acquired effective data,and within one week after the satellite launched orbit,multiple SAR images were obtained. The image information was rich, covering typical landforms such as cities,mountains,fields, rivers and lakes, indicating that the HS-1 SATELLITE SAR payload worked normally.

Images from HS-1

Till December 29, the satellite operation and maintenance team has completed the confirmation of satellite energy and thermal control status, orbital calibration of posture control sensitive components, confirmation of various posture control modes and accuracy, confirmation of data transmission link status and SAR load imaging test within one week. These orbital tests shows that the satellite has excellent performance status and achieves the expected target.

TYSPACE PST3S-H2 Star Tracker work well on this HS-1 Satellite. PST3S-H2 Star Tracker is a new member in our PST3 series.

PHST3S-H2 star tracker

Concrete data


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